About Kim

Over the past thirty-five years Kim Larsen has earned a reputation as a world class tax and financial strategist. He has been enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service since 1978.   In addition to his work here,  Kim writes extensively on taxes and strategy for the Tax Strategy Letter, a leading publication focusing on taxation of small business and real estate investors, where he serves as Editor and Publisher as well.  Kim is also the founder and president of the National Academy of Tax and Financial Strategists.

Kim is a recognized expert on the Internal Revenue Code as well as IRS policy and procedure. Kim’s clients benefit greatly from his command of tax law when he is called to represent them in an audit or collection matter. His knowledge has also benefited those who have read any of his articles or attended any of his educational programs over the years.

Kim has considerable experience working with individuals and closely held businesses to develop innovative tax and financial strategies. Kim is a very creative transactional advisor and frequently finds ways to accomplish client objectives when other advisors have given up. He has also done extensive work in the areas of estate planning, asset protection, business formation and acquisitions. Kim is a real estate investment expert, having been a broker/investor for more than forty years. A serial entrepreneur, Kim owns a number of businesses in California and Nevada.

Through years of experience, Kim has acquired an uncanny ability to digest and interpret complex information quickly. Kim’s analytical abilities have made him a widely sought-after advisor in crises management and communications. Kim has worked at length in business and real estate “turnaround” engagements.