In business you have to embrace technology or be crushed by firms that do. Over the years we have put a lot of time into finding technologies that help us better serve our clients. We know that in order to provide remarkable service, we have to use remarkable tools.

More than anything else, computers have dramatically changed our profession over the years. When is comes to preparing tax returns or doing tax and financial planning, being able to instantly compare different strategies and see the results over several years is something our clients benefit from everyday. Moreover, our online research system allows us to do in depth analysis very quickly.

From our tax preparation software to our state of the art Client Engagement Management System, the software we use to serve our clients is the very best available. Furthermore, all of our staff undergoes extensive training and testing to assure proficiency with our software and systems.

Communicating with our clients is the very essence of what we do. In addition to traditional “face to face” meetings, we also serve our clients by telephone, email and live video conferencing. We also have an extensive library of client education resources which we make available to clients from time to time.

If you would like to know more about the technology we use and how you can benefit from it, please contact us.